Sunday, October 7, 2012

Classic TV Sunday: Mission Impossible

Oh my goodness!  What a show!  Over the past few years, I have enjoyed revisiting this great show on DVDs.  I remember watching this first-run at my grandparents' house--I remember the crew with Leonard Nimoy and Lesley Anne Warren (she was "Cinderella" to me). All I knew then was that the show had the best theme song imaginable.

I have to be honest with you--I usually have to watch an episode twice  before I understand what really happened.  The show debuted at the same time as another great Desilu production, Star Trek.  Both were great series with dynamic casts and original storylines.

Who is you favorite character or favorite ensemble group? Greg Morris (Barney) and Peter Lupus (Willie) were the only two actors to remain on the series throughout its run.  Peter Graves always seemed to be "the face" of the program to me.  DD says that Barney "is the most cool."  I would have to agree with that.


  1. I've never watched it. Now I feel challenged.

  2. It is really good, especially the first 3 seasons.

  3. I loved this show....the tape recorder....the music. Miss janice