Saturday, October 27, 2012

Good to Be Home

Today was a good day but another busy one.  We were able to go hear one of our colleague's reading  his novel, A Gathering of Eagles, at a local bookstore in the next county over. The author, Dr. Walton Young, is a dear Southern gentleman scholar.  DS1 takes a composition course from him and is learning as much about character and integrity as he is about the basics of good writing. We then went on to Publix, my little bit of nostalgia disguised as a grocery store. Seems the harder we try to slow down, the more things to do land on the calender. This is really more of a concern than a complaint.

I think for supper we will have the simplest of fares: hot dogs and macaroni and cheese.   Tomorrow, the chicken is scheduled to spend time with the crock pot while we are at Church. I have an episode of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. I might be able to talk everyone into watching.  Last night, I watched an old movie (1954), Three Coins in a Fountain. It was a good movie with stunning scenery from Rome.

The colors of the leaves are beautiful - - - as they are falling quickly from the trees. I love fall, but it stays with us such a short time.  The temperatures are supposed to be dropping beginning tomorrow. There's a big storm lurking off the coast of this part of the country. I don't think we are due to feel much of its presence, but many will, I fear.

Better run and try to get a little laundry done before the day is gone . . .

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