Sunday, February 16, 2014

Saturday Favorites-Ramblings from the Willows

When man finally begins to build on the moon and points beyond, I am certain that Dollar General will be the first business to open there. In our little community, they are EVERYWHERE. But I love this chain.  We go usually about once or twice a week. When you shop there, you will receive a receipt with a coupon on the bottom--usually for $5 off of a $25 purchase. We have lots of cats and dogs, so we buy almost all of the pet food at DG.  Cleaning supplies, snacks for Church, cereal, paper products and shampoo---all these things are here at great prices. (I have come to LOVE Arm and Hammer detergent, and the price is astoundingly low). When we go to Wal-Mart, we seem to spend most of our time walking around looking for something we forgot when we were on that aisle. And, things we shouldn't be spending money on always end up in the basket! Haha!  We can't get everything at DG--their markets or grocery stores haven't found their way into our county as yet, but we can get much of what we need.

Another Saturday favorite in our family is the television show, Emergency! We were all scattered in different directions this  weekend until Saturday night. I know as the kids get older, they will have more exciting things to do than to sit at home with Mom and Dad, but I cherish the times we do have together, especially at home.
Anyway, once everyone was "rounded up" (and after our trip to Mr. Adams' IGA and DG), we all gathered around our hamburgers and hotdogs and watched Gage, DeSoto and Dr. Early save lives. The Pastor is enjoying his turkey burgers and baked potato alternative.  

I think next Saturday night, we are going to try to go see Monuments Men (I say "night" but we will try to hit that last matinee show to avoid the higher ticket price--yike s!). There aren't many movies out worth seeing these days, but I think we will all enjoy the historical context of this one. I haven't looked at the reviews in Focus on the Family's "Plugged In" yet.  Should be pretty good.
But between you and me, I would rather be home with hamburgers, hot dogs and the Engine 51 crew!
What are your favorite things to do on Saturdays?


  1. We also have Dollaa Generals' stores everyhere! I think All small community's have them over Walmart being scarce, which is fine with me, I also love Dollar General, great buys there!
    Smiles, cyndi

  2. Sadly, no such shop in England, but I wonder if our 'pound shops' might be similar?

  3. We enjoy our Dollar Geveral! They allow mom to push a basket, load it up avd they will put it bsck. If she's not with me, they ask about her.

    I have been decluttering and organizing....that was my Saturday.

  4. I too have started shopping a lot at Dollar General. Love that store. I remember as a child many a time watching Emergency with my parents. Thanks so much for the thoughtful birthday gift. Have a great rest of the week.

  5. You're welcome! Hope your party is GREAT!