Thursday, February 13, 2014

A New Look

I'd like to thank our beautiful daughter for changing the blog template and background for me. I wanted something different--a little more colorful, and she put all the pieces together for me.
We have had an unusual week here in our state.  The College where DH and I work (and the boys attend) has been out because of the snow and ice. They have even canceled for tomorrow.  The slushy roads today will be frozen over again tonight.  We have all done some reading we needed to do for school, and I have had time to do some cooking. The best part is that we have been together at home, and I am so grateful to the Lord for that.

I have been rereading a wonderful book by Elisabeth Elliot, Discipline:  the Glad Surrender. Her books are amazing, but unfortunately not as readily available as they once were. This young generation of daughters could learn much from her gentle but firm teaching from her life experiences and Scripture.

Hope you enjoy the new blog look and that you are safe and warm in the midst of the Lord's love.


  1. It is very pretty, such nice gentle colours.

  2. Thank you, Elizabeth. Hope you're seeing some sunshine today.

  3. She did good! It is beautiful!

    Smiles, cyndi