Thursday, February 27, 2014

Catching a Few Zzzz's with Ginger

Ginger is everyone's favorite orange cat in the family--she is the only ORANGE cat in the family, but I think she is everyone's favorite. She knows how to relax. Whenever we are tired or stressed, Ginger seems to be able to help us all unwind. She loves to sleep on our bed, especially all by herself.

The weather here has turned cold again, and it has been really nice to be inside where it is warm. After schoolwork today, Virginia and I sat down with our needlework to watch an older mini-series about George Washington (it is great! Patty Duke does a great job as Martha Washington!).  Michael came in from school and sat down to "watch" it with us. Within about 30 seconds, we were all asleep--even Ginger came in the living room to sleep on my lap!  I woke up before anyone else and thought how wonderful it was to be able to sleep inside a warm home with a soft cat and a sweet family on a cold day!


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the youtube video. I will have Grace watch it next week. She just read today about Thomas Becket's death and the question was do you think Henry II would be found guilty in court for the murder. So she is very familiar already with the subject matter.

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  3. It is a scary foreshadowing of Henry VIII and Thomas More for certain! Laws don't appear to apply to Kings!