Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Laundry, Latin and Love.

Today will be a day at home--I teach at the College just three days a week, but the days at home are often filled with grading, writing and reading in preparation for the next school day. Not a naturally organized person, I have had to develop a system of my own to try to keep the preps together in some fashion. Each class I teach has at least one notebook full of lectures--usually two, and occasionally three. 90% of my lectures are handwritten, and every time I teach a course, I add to it. I have had fun over the years "decorating" the notebooks with some of the beautiful scrapbooking materials available, and I love to add "clippings" or print outs that would be helpful for my students. Each notebook also contains study guides, reading guides for the texts, tests (no keys, mind you). Oh, and since I am rambling, who even knows what I mean by "clippings" anymore? I have to do a post on these wonderful 'artifacts"  one day. I would write that down in my planner to remind myself . . . if I could find it! Ha! Anyway, all of that is to say that I have lost my Latin notebook. This is not nearly as serious as it would be if I had lost one of my History notebooks, but it is disturbing enough. I had some nice articles squirreled away in it. It has to be in the house somewhere, and if it has been kidnapped by space aliens, it can be recreated with a reasonable amount of effort. In fact, I love getting notebooks and getting them "organized' for class. But this one contains a lot of notes and completed exercises that I must do over. Working through them again will actually be good for me and ultimately, good for my students.

Please don't see this as a whiny post--I know that once I redo the notebook, the old one will show up, and I will have two sets of notes and outlines to use! What's more, I will have fun getting the replacement together. There's much to do today, but looks like it's all good:  I should be able to knock out a lot of laundry today. The most important element on the list of "it's all good" is spending the day at home with DD.  She will be gone this afternoon with her Homeschool group, but we will have much of the morning together. It is an overcast day, but sometimes we are more productive with inside work when it is like that. The robins are out to remind us that Spring is not far away.


  1. I want to read your notebooks.....

  2. They are written in what looks like handwriting from ancient Pluto! Haha! My handwriting gets worse with each passing year! Hehe