Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brrrrr . . .

These pictures are from outside our back door. The top was was taken this morning, and the bottom one was taken yesterday. They don't really capture how much snow we have; in fact, I am watching the snow outside the front door now. It is falling like rain (probably is more of a "wintry mix" as they say), and the wind is blowing it--a very dramatic picture for this Florida girl.  When we lived in the northeast corner of Missouri, I saw real snow for the first time--all winter long.  Here in Georgia, snow is much more rare, and it is a real treat to see. Having said that, I have friends who work for HEMC and Georgia Power, the electricity providers. They are dreading the ice accumulations that are building up now.  This weather is supposed to continue all day and through the night, perhaps into tomorrow. Pray for their safety and for the safety of those who have to travel to their jobs in this weather. We had a much less serious brush with this type of weather a couple of weeks ago near Atlanta, and the difficulties made the National news. Perhaps those experiences helped the Peach State better prepare for this event.


  1. I think I would almost rather have your snow than our torrential rain.

  2. Elizabeth--I have been reading about your weather. We have had those rains before as well. Hope you are keeping well and safe!