Monday, July 30, 2012

Saturday Fun!

Saturday  was a great day for our family.  Our oldest DS was meeting some friends at Stone Mountain. Rather than jsut take him there, Dad decided to take the kids for an outing.  Dad had not been since 1982 and our boys had not been ever.  Dad found a truly great deal where they could all have a "bottomless" cup for Coke.  All day long, you could go to any of the vendors and get your cup refilled for free! DS 1  was able to spend the time with his friends while Dad and DD and DS2 
I stayed home (too much sun for me) and had a good time tinkering around the house. Of course, the house was too quiet, but I enjoyed watching episodes of "The Father Dowling Mysteries" and working on some projects I wanted to get done before school starts.

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