Friday, April 4, 2014

Just Trying to Get Through the Week

Ginger has a difficult daily schedule.  She spends some time outside watching things in the neighborhood; she spends time each day foraging for food in her bowl in the kitchen.  She even has to squeeze in time for personal grooming. The result is complete exhaustion as you can see from the photo above.  I am sure that she gets no more than 22 hours of sleep a day!

This cat enjoys her sleep more than any I have ever seen. She is so photogenic, particularly when she is sleeping. She is particularly attached to our oldest son. She likes to go in his room when I call him in the morning. He is not particularly a morning person, but he will wake up enough to call her--she bounds up on his bed and they have a love fest. You can hear her purring all over the house.

Typically, Ginger likes to find a very quiet place to sleep. In this picture, she went to Virginia's room. There were no barking dogs or playful felines to disturb her beauty sleep. She always makes me feel more relaxed just looking at her. Sleep tight, Ginger!

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