Thursday, April 10, 2014

Coloring Fun . . . .

There are few things I enjoy more than coloring, and there is nothing better than being with the family. God is so good to have given us patient teenagers who still like to color with Mom!  Haha!  Our oldest will be house sitting for some friends all next week while we are on the Easter break.  I asked him if we could have a "coloring party" tonight.  We all had so much fun. He wanted to listen to Adventures in Odyssey so I went on the Odyssey web site. They have a special promotion on the club membership--1 month for $5.  This membership allows access to all of the episodes.  We have been listening for almost 20 years, but they all got excited (even Dad) about this opportunity. We signed up and listened to two episodes. I am sure everyone will be listening to more as we go to bed.  What a great night!  Thank You, Lord.

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