Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Wonderful Day at Home and a Family Favorite

The next few weeks promise to be the busiest of the year. There are so many things going on and coming up--activities and responsibilities will be popping up like popcorn. I asked hubby if we couldn't stay at home this weekend as much as possible--getting ready for  Easter morning and the rest of the week.  We agreed we would be ready to sit down at supper at 6:00 and watch our favorite movie, The Ten Commandments. We watched it on the DVD player, but I think it was on television as well. We had our traditional Saturday favorites--hamburgers, hotdogs, (frozen) french fries and baked beans.(Our version of this meal really isn't as unhealthy as it seems) We watched the movie in its entirety. I loved seeing the boys sitting on the edge of their seats at the dramatic scenes. I was able to sit and cross stitch through the movie, but I had to put it all down at certain points, too.

There are many stressful situations swirling around our family at this time--we needed the respite from the difficulties of the past week and those facing us next week. The Lord has not only been with us this past week, but has reminded us repeatedly that we are in His care. Our oldest son stated last Sunday that Holy week is a time of great Spiritual battles.  For him to make such a statement was unusual, and he said it to the Church during our morning service. He was certainly correct, and he himself faced a very difficult scenario during the course of the week.. I am proud of how he handled it, but there promises to be more fallout to come. None of these situations are traumatic, but they are perplexing.  We have all found ourselves to be angry and frustrated through the week, and have unfortunately, taken it out on each other here and there with fussing and snapping at one another. These are not complaints, and I can see that what our son said is correct--they are symptoms of Spiritual warfare. As I was getting our lunch in the crockpot just a few minutes ago, I could not help but think of the blessings that have come to us this week. How many things have I taken for granted that have gone our way this week?

The Lord is with us, and He is with you. He loves us all and has His eyes upon us.  He died for our sins, but didn't stop there--the Father sent the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to live inside our hearts and to guide us through  the maze of life.  Jesus promised an abundant life --not one free of difficulties or tears this side of heaven--but one full of His love, compassion and wisdom. Whatever you are facing this week, remember that you are not alone--He is with you and is concerned about you, and has the power to overcome the most difficult of situations you may be facing.


  1. Your third paragraph is so beautifully written that I think you should be writing for publication. Perhaps "Guidepost". Miss Janice

  2. No, Janice. Not me. And this past week hasn't been bad--just a lot of aggravations. I wonder how I would respond if I had real difficulties.
    Thanks for the kind words.