Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Great Night At Home Together

Our oldest is house sitting this week, and we are deprived of his company quite a bit.  He is coming home for supper in the evenings. I celebrated with a fancy meal tonight--I will post the recipe later--complete with baked Italian chicken dish, a fabulous tossed salad, garlic bread and yellow rice (no respectable Floridian forgets the yellow rice). The tea glasses and blue bowls belonged to my Mom. She had those glasses for so many years. There just so happened to be 5 of them!  One of the greatest gifts our Lord gives us is love for one another --cherished around the table!

UPDATE:  Our friends who needed JT to house sit called to tell us they had a student who needed a place to stay.  This student could take over dog- and house sitting duties. I am so happy to have my boy back with us for this upcoming week off. I think he is a little disappointed, but we made it up to him with apple pie (Mrs. Smith made it for us) and two episodes of Gilligan's Island. I told them (the kids) that since everyone is home safe and sound, we would have oatmeal for supper tomorrow night. Haha.


  1. I wonder if that is saffron rice?

  2. Yes, it is! Saffron of course gives it the yellow coloring and a nice flavor. In Florida, it is often served with peppers and chicken or shrimp and green peas. Our family loves it with Italian dishes.