Sunday, April 6, 2014

Getting Ready . . .

Our daughter will be attending her first formal dance this month, and we had to find a dress for the occasion. We set aside yesterday to go to "the big city" to look around for something she would like within the budget. She found a dress at a consignment shop for formal wear. The shop itself was very interesting and the staff were extremely helpful and pleasant. DD picked out a dress and tried it on, and then we went across the street to look at a department store to compare costs and style. She came away feeling even better about the dress she had selected.

Everyone else in the family had a great time "doing their thing" as well.  Our oldest spent the weekend with his friends on campus. They play chess and computer games and eat massive quantities of chicken nuggets.
Our youngest son went with us to the Big City to participate in a Board Game event at a game shop. He had the added blessing of hot dogs and Dr. Pepper for the participants there at the store. Dad was able to find a seat in the Food Court at the mall and read.  He is happiest when he has his books and notes all spread out in his own little corner of the world. So, we all had a great day and accomplished some tasks on our lists.

We all arrived home about the same time, and that was the best moment of the day! I think the rest of the week is going to be pretty hectic, particularly with school work--tests, grading, etc.  Our little excursion was a nice little get-away.  Today, we will be with our Church family together--hope you will, too!
That;s us, for sure. We loved getting to go, but loved coming home even more!


  1. I remember going to London with my daughter to choose a formal dress. She found one, went round more stores and came back to the first one!

  2. Yes! But they can enjoy that first one more knowing they had looked at others! I will share this with Virginia!, Thanks, Elizabeth.