Saturday, January 11, 2014


Well, guess what?  I am on the verge of finishing the afghan for my son using the Lion Brand Heartland National Park colors. BUT, they have just released 5 new colors!!! No, they are not the ones in this stock photo, but I will have to sweet talk the Pastor into letting me order these new colors if I want to stick to my plan of having all the Parks the company has represented. I really want to FINISH something, being the world's worst about starting projects and not finishing them. JoAnn's has 25% off all their yarns, but they do not have the new colors yet. In fact, I think they are trying to clear out what they have for the year's new colors. Herschnerr's has them at a good sale price, but they take a good while to ship. We live in an instant world, don't we? DH and I were talking the other day about how everything used to take "4-6 weeks" for shipping! Now we fret if it takes a week! Oh my . . .

On a Brighter note, I have to tell you that my craft lamp Christmas present has changed my life. I can move it around to my desk for grading papers and reading. It can easily be placed by the bed for night time reading, and it also makes husbands reading small print Bibles very happy!  Haha! As I write this, the Pastor is sitting in the green chair reading with the aid of the WONDERFUL lamp!

We all know, however, What is the TRUE Light Unto his Path . . . .

Hope you are all safe and warm this stormy Saturday!

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