Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hard to Beat . . .

I grew up in a home with all kinds of music, and I am grateful for that blessing. Moma always liked Hee Haw, and it was on every Saturday night unless she and Daddy decided to watch Lawrence Welk. As I grew older, I rediscovered these great sources of music. I love the Hee Haw Gospel quartet:  Buck Owens, Kenny Price, Roy Clark and Grandpa Jones.  I credit this CD with helping to shape our daughter's love for Gospel music and hymns.  We listened to it a lot when she was little, and I think that style of music has stayed near to her heart.

The Lawrence Welk CD is just about as wonderful. The arrangements of the hymns are so beautiful. I was trying to describe the beautiful voice (and personality) of Norma Zimmer to our daughter yesterday. Her life was a lovely testimony of her faith in Jesus Christ. 
If you are looking for two sides of sacred music, here they are, and both are blessings. 

And here is another thought for this post:  some of the programs on television today reflect an appreciation for good singing and music; however, they are so different in their spirit and character. 
I wish we still had what used to be called "variety" shows. The Lawrence Welk show often had a weekly theme--great songs of Broadway, Love songs, Hawaiian melodies, etc. Seeing the beautiful costumes and sets added so much to the music. 


  1. I so grew up with these shows and music....

    love Hee Haw!

  2. The kids love it too, believe it or not. They especially love the Mark Twain-ish guy who is always getting whacked in the head with someone's hat, and of course, the Culhanes.