Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Beautiful Day

The picture above is from our back deck. 
Here in NE Georgia, snow days aren't as rare as they are in south Georgia, but they are unusual enough to be really appreciated. We had heard initially that our little corner of the State would not get much, but then the system moved a little north and the result was this lovely landscape you see above. The public schools in our area wisely closed all day yesterday; some of the schools CLOSER to the front actually did not, and the result was pretty frustrating. Many kids closer to Atlanta had to spend the night in their schools.
The College closed today, and I am happy to be home. I'd say we'll all be working on school work in one form or the other, but that is just fine. I have plenty of Diet-Mountain  Dew and bread and a huge container of pimento cheese! We are set.

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