Sunday, September 30, 2012

Classic TV Sunday

I don't know about you all, but I think that The Dick Van Dyke show was one of the funniest programs ever!  I grew up watching the reruns, and I am pleased to say that our kids love the show just as much.  With the exception of the relationship between Buddy and Mel, the humor is not at someone else's expense.  It is as clean as can be, and it sooooo funny!

I have a nice memory associated with the program as well. When I was little, my shoes had to be ordered because of the shape of my feet--we always went into Mr. Pate's shoe store and ordered Buster Brown shoes.  The nice lady that kept his books had a little open office area, and her tv was always on.  Seems like I remember reruns of the DVD show being on when we went on weekday mornings. Moma must have shopped at the same time of day every time she went there!

Who is your favorite character on the program? Do you remember the Helpers, Jerry and Millie?  Who can beat Richard Deacon's character, Mel Cooley?  I laugh out loud every time he delivers a line. Do you like the episodes set at home or the office better? How about the always-hilarious flashback episodes?

We as a family are so grateful to have access to these programs of the past!


  1. I long ago decided that the classic TV shows from years ago are the best.

    Variety TV was also so much fun!

  2. BRM, thanks for helping me remember that term, "variety programs." Yes, I miss them, too.