Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Treasure Chest Indeed!

I have discovered the joys of ordering items used from Amazon. For many years, I have loved the Reader's Digest and Time Life Collections of music. They used to be on records, and Moma and Daddy loved things like that.  The music has been on CD's for a while now, but I guess CD's are getting to be old news like records. That is wonderful for me because now I can get these grand sets which used to sell for $40 for so much less. I just received this one in the mail for $1.65 + $3.99 for shipping. It is beautiful!  I would never have guessed the prices would ever be this low or that I would have access to them.

My parents loved beautiful music, and for many years, the radio was always on or records were playing. As I have written in previous posts, many nights I would go to sleep with their records stacked on the record player for me to listen to. Daddy was a "stereophile."  Remember that term? He loved not only listening to music but also the latest technology available. I am sure he was the first on our block to have a Compact Disc player!

Do people sit today and listen to music? Can they? We are so involved in life and computers and social networks that we have lost the simple pleasures of reading and music listening.  I challenge you (and me) today to take time to listen to some beautiful music--turn off the tv, the computer, the cell phones, i pads, i pods, and just enjoy the gift of music.

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