Saturday, January 26, 2013

Specializing in That Which is Lost

Over the last few years, I have come to see how the Lord is involved in the little things of our lives. When He died for us, He did so because He loved us then. But He loves us now, too. His place in our lives was not limited to the Cross or the Empty Tomb.   He cares about our day-to-day experiences.

  I started this project in 2010, and it took quite some time to complete. Then, waiting for a time to afford to get it framed, I lost it!  I looked and looked for it. The other day, I happen to be in my closet for something else, and there was my picture in the top of a sewing bag. Surely I had looked there before.

I am glad that He Who came to seek and to save that which is lost didn't give up looking for me. So many times in my early years, I turned away from Him. But I was never out of His sight.  Neither are you, precious Sister or Brother--He has found you and He is involved in your life.


  1. Thank you thank you for the sweet reminder.

    I am in awe that God cares about the smallest details in my life!

    ......and I am glad you found your picture! Lovely!

  2. Would you believe I found this pattern at a "Friends of the Library" book store in Franklin, NC for either a dime or a quarter!I changed the hair color of the bride and groom to kind of match mine and hubby's.

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