Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun at Mrs. Jennifer's!

My goodness! Did we have a great time yesterday. We spent a big part of the day at Mrs. Jennifer's house sewing, talking and playing with her dogs. She and DD are working on a shoulder bag, and I am still working on the sampler I started last year.  Mrs. Jennifer's home is decorated with beautiful quilts she has made and wonderful cross stitch pictures her mom made throughout the years. Those things help to make a house a home. As you can see, Gertie had a great time with all the activities. Do you like her new bow?

Being at Mrs. Jennifer's house reminded me of going to my best friend's house when I was much younger. Mrs. Lett was always working on something--she could sew anything!  Her character was an inspiration to me as well; in fact, we named our daughter after her. I know that Mrs. Jennifer is the same kind of influence in our daughter's life that Virginia Lett was in mine. I praise God for bringing loving people into our lives.  Speaking of loving, what do you think of Mrs. Jennifer's two canine friends? They were so much fun. She has another dog that was HUGE but as sweet and gentle as a baby.They all added to the blessings of the day.


  1. We had a great time. Wish you had been with us.

  2. Haha!!! The day wasn't long enough!!!