Friday, January 11, 2013

Marlin Perkins--Wonderful Memories

This is a very familiar image--Marlin Perkins in his beautiful study with the World Book Encyclopedia in the background.  I loved watching these great shows.  When we lived in Missouri, we regularly visited the St. Louis Zoo--the Zoo he directed for many years.

As much as I talk about the past, don't think I want to go back. I just wish we could bring back some of the great blessings of older times.  We went to the movies last night, and I couldn't believe the advertisements for the television shows!  You can expect some of that with movie previews, but I am sure Marlin would have been appalled at what was being represented.


  1. Oh my! I remember him well. I watched with my dad every week.

    I was thinking about TV this morning..we have all these channels yet we are watching Gunsmoke.

    I do wish sometimes I could tell the younger me in pictures not to turn on a certain path.....but then where would I be today.

  2. The Lord loves it when we learn from the lessons of life, don't you think? The best decision we made was to get rid of the cable. We do Netflix, but even that has its drawbacks. Yes, Gunsmoke is the best! Adam 12, Star Trek, the ANdy Griffith Show . . . they are so much better.